Made in Italy. Oleomac has resulted in a truly comprehensive, constantly updated range of machines capable of responding to the needs of users at every level from leisure gardeners to estate, plantation, gardening, farm, etc. Oleomac products differ according to the use for which they are designed but all feature the same high standards of quality in terms of performance reliability, comfort, and safety.

  • Chainsaw GS44

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    Universal Chain Saw for Intensive Use

    Designed to satisfy a wide range of users from demanding home gardeners requiring a tool for frequent use, to farmers and professional contractors. It’s compactness, versatility and good power-to-weight ratio ensure excellent cutting performance for any use, from limbing and pruning to cutting medium sized trunks. See features below.

    Power: 2.9HP – 2.1kW
    Bar length: 41 x 46cm / 16″-18″
    Weight: 2.5kg

  • Chainsaw GS350

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    Universal Chainsaw for Homeuse

    Designed for the occasional home user (small pruning jobs, cutting trunks of small-medium diameter for firewood). This chainsaw is practical and easy to use, owing to a series of devices which make it extremely easy to start, operate and maintain. See features below. GS 350C

    Power: 2.9HP – 3.1kW
    Bar Length: 35-41cm/14″ – 6″
    Weight: 2.5kg

MULTIMATE - Quick-fit Lock-release System

1 big heart, 6 personalities, 6 interchangeable implements powered by a single engine

Multimate is the all in one tool that make gardening 5 times more efficient. At its centre is one big heart: a compact up to 6 different implements.